CONSEC CORPORATION, established in 1967, is Japanese leading manufacturer of machines and tools for concrete coring, wall sawing and wire sawing. Our products are accumulated so much technical know-how for half a century. In addition, we have contractor department in house and feedback the product reliability and demand from the user point of view in order to endlessly improve the machine and find the new innovative ideas.

Our mission is to contribute prosperity of society by creating innovative product and brand-new technology in the building and civil engineering market heeding safety and environment.

Company profile


4-6-8 Shoko Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, Japan 733-0833
Tel:+81-82-277-5451, Fax:+81-82-278-6389

International Trading Department
1-7-5-1, Sakaimachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan 730-0853
Tel:+81-82-297-3231, Fax:+81-82-297-3230

Development Department and Hiroshima Plant
552-1 Umenokida, Kamikofukawa, Itsukaiti-cho, Saeki-ku,
Hiroshima, Japan 731-5104
Tel:+81-82-927-1877, Fax:+81-82-927-3826

29 sales branches in Japan
November 6,1967
Registered shares
November 28,1990(1990)〈JASDAQ〉
JPY4,090 million
Annual Turnover
JPY10,256 million (April 1,2013~March 31,2014)
Number of Employees

443(as of Feb. 1,2016)
Fiscal Year
April 1 ~ March 31 of next year
Main Business
Manufacture and sale of drilling and sawing equipment
Manufacture and sale of diamond cutting tool
Contractor of drilling and sawing
Sales of construction machinery
Housing and living related equipment sales OA equipment
Facility Rental Property
Life insurance, life insurance agency business
Business IT(Systems Support Outsourcing)
Sales network