Description of Business

As manufacturer of construction machinery and diamond tools which is indispensable for civil engineering and construction work, HAKKEN department has been developing business in various countries around the world with “HAKKEN” brand and plays an active role in civil engineering and construction sites.

Our sales engineer is always trying to catch the technical needs arose at job site which is timely informed to R&D department and being one of the idea to develop new machine. And furthermore, contractor department also require the solution to complete daily construction job effectively to R&D department which helps new machine concept.

R&D department develops and manufactures the various machines to meet new requirement from the customer. And they delivers not only the machine but also the technical know-how to complete never experienced construction work cooperating with contractor department.

Main items

Drilling and
sawing equipment
Core drill, wall cutter, hand cutter,
wire saw, plunge cutter
Diamond tools
Diamond core bit, diamond blade, diamond wire
Custom made and related equipment
Automatic feeding system, hydraulic unit,
fiber optic cable laying robots, road grinding machines