Description of Business

The contractor department makes full use of diamond tools such as core drills and wire saws manufactured by own company HAKKEN department and performs sawing and drilling of concrete and other structures with no vibration and low noise. We respond to requests on all construction sites, such as "Sawing and Drilling", "Demolition", "Strengthening", and "Renovation" freely, with our unique technology cultivated over many years.

As a construction machine manufacturer, we have been undertaken research and development of "New Construction Method" and "New Technology" together, based on close information exchange with the development department, and actually carry out the construction work at job site, shortening the construction period with reliable construction method. We promise secure job completion even in difficult work condition and always challenge the construction work that has been thought impossible until now.

Main special construction work

Design and execution for cutting concrete structure.
Wire sawing, wall sawing, core boring, (wet and dry) and various special cutting.
Repair and reinforcement for concrete, degradation diagnosis, earthquake resistant reinforcing construction work.
Various construction survey
Concrete structure strength measurement test, ultrasonic method, impact elastic wave reinforcing steel investigation (radar method, electromagnetic induction method), reinforcing steel arranging and concrete covering depth measurement, anchor tensile test.