Civil engineering work


  • Bridge repair work
  • Peeling prevention sheet pasting work
  • Carbon fiber sheet pasting work
  • Surface treatment(Vacuum Blast)
  • Install bridge fall prevention device
  • PC cable ・ anchor bar ・ cushioning material
  • Telescopic device replacement
  • Crack injection filling
  • Water jet(Surface treatment work)
    Water jet(Anchor bolt extraction)
    Water jet (Chipping work)
  • Remove and demolition for bridge


  • Renovation work at the flood control dam(Cut block and removal: wire sawing method)
  • Sand control dam intake opening work
    Sand control dam permeable slitting construction
  • Breakwater improvement work
  • Tunnel improvement work ①
  • Tunnel improvement work ②
  • Underwater core
  • Underwater Wire Saw
  • Underground foundation pile (core line cut)
  • Subway wall removal (wire saw)
  • Roadside rock demolition work