Product list

Core Drill Specialization drilling for Stones, Firebrick,
Extraction-Molded-Cement Plate and Ceramics.
Maximum 120mm
Maximum 180mm
Maximum 205mm
Maximum 254mm
Maximum 305mm
Maximum 355mm
Maximum 406mm
Maximum 600mm
Automatic Feeding System Automatic feeding system for core drill.
Professional performance is installed in CPU circuit.
Single speed.
Two speed.
Wet and Dry Core Bit

Cutting - Blade cutting
Wall Cutter Deep cutting for Concrete, Floor and Stone.
Electric Wall Cutter.
Plunge Cutter

Cutting - Wire Sewing
Wire Saw
Compact Hydraulic Wire Saw.
Electric Wire Saw.
Wire Saw Option

Hydraulic Unit
20kW high power
water cooled motor model.
11kW low cost and
easy maintenance model.